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We understand the value of a first impression but more importantly we value the impact of a lasting impression. We know it?s the small things that add up to excellence. At MoreThanGates we build long-term relationships with our clients. Passion, talent and a diverse set of resources creates well-rounded leadership. That?s what helps us thrive as a company and makes the construction experience for our clients an exceptional one.

More About Us

Our reputation is built on custom gates and automatic entry systems, but we are so much more! MoreThanGates is a boutique licensed boutique General Contractor specializing in a complete range of services from consulting and design, to cost estimating and analysis, to project management and quality control. Together, our team and network of trade partners commit to delivering our clients high quality work. We can put the right people in place for your project!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and bonded?

Yes, we are a licensed (#376102), bonded and insured General Contractor.

Do you do repairs?

Yes, we have on-site welding repair services for gates, fences and railings. We also service and repair low-voltage automation systems.

Do you have any gates, railings for stairs in stock?

We are a made-to-order shop so our products are fabricated precisely to fit each client?s exact specifications.

How long does the process take?

Each project will vary. We work to maintain a 4 to 6 week lead time once shop drawings are accepted. Expedited orders can be arranged for an additional cost.

What are your finishing options?

We have raw metal, primed, painted, powder coated, custom patinas, and plating. Deciding on the right finish will vary depending on your needs, wants, and budget. There are pros and cons for each and we are happy to discuss the options.

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